Pods Landing

Get Your Hands On Our Gear

DayPass works much the same way as an Internet Café. For a small fee our Studio Pods can be used during our normal working hours (which are not normal by regular work standards), one day at a time.

Tough Love:

  1. Pods can only be booked online through credit card.
  2. 24 hours advanced booking is required for all Studio Pod bookings – See #3!
  3. We are not equipped to handle, manage drop in and cannot guarantee a Pod will be available
  4. No Refunds are provided for DayPass purchasers who do not show up. Rescheduling can occur up to 24 hours before booking.
  5. Studio Pods can only be used by one person at a time….(your friends need to book their own pod).
  6. Headphone use is mandatory. And all Pods come with one set of V Moda Headphones.
  7. Absolutely no food or drink can be at the studio pods!
  8. DayPass can be suspended by Wired should privileges be abused. (i.e. booking Studio Pods and not showing regularly bringing food or drinks to a studio pod station).
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