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Skratch Track

An Introduction to DJing

One x 2 hour workshop: $27

  • This introductory, 2 hour, hands-on workshop utilizes the DJ 808 controller recently launched by Roland and Serato.  The workshop provides a general overview of the gear and various functions including BPM, SYNC, Mix use of the TR S drum feature and the Sampler. Each participant will have a DJ 808 to work with during the workshop.


4 Session DJ Workshop Over 4 Weeks; Includes Skratch Track Content

Four x 2 hour weekday evening sessions

  • What is BoilerRoom? 
    BoilerRoom is an intensive 4 session DJ workshop over one week ( 9 hours + total, yeah $15 bucks an hour), designed specifically for people that want to jump in and immerse themselves over one week in learning how to create and produce a mini DJ set.  No experience is required and the objective at the end of the session is that you
    will have a solid 2-3 minute DJ performance utilizing the concepts learned in the workshop. The workshop is limited to 9 participants and each participant has exclusive use of  their own Serato/Roland DJ 808 Controller and Laptop. No equipment is required of the participants.
    Who should attend?
    1. Anyone with a keen interest in learning to DJ.  No previous experience is required and no musical knowledge or skill is expected.
    2. Anyone who has used Serato, ABLETON Live, FL Studio, or a TR 8 Drum machine and wants to extend their creative canvas and integrate software with hardware.
    3. Anyone who has traditional musical knowledge or training and wants to explore DJ performance techniques.
    4. Anyone wanting to extend a first date over three consecutive days.
    A Few Details
    •  Overview of DJ808 Controller layout & Serato software
    •  Concepts of mixing
    •  Nudging with the platter control
    •  Cue Markers
    •  Serato Sync Features
    •  X fader Curves
    •  Headphone Cue.
    •  Cue Assignments
    •  DJ 808 Effects
    •  Channel Effects
    •  Deck Effects
    •  Changing and tweaking Deck Effects
    •  Looping and autoloop Function
    •  Serato Beat Jump
    •  Track Selection and overview of Crates and Library Management
    •  Analyzing new Tracks for Tempo and Key information
    •  Prepping library and new songs,
    •  Beat Grid overview and time aligning tempo on songs that change bpm
    •  TR-S Drum machine basics and overview, sequencing basics
    •  Concepts of Mixing in Key
    •  Overview of Camelot wheel (Mixing in Key)
    •  Scratching overview and basic moves and exercises
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Your Instructor

Kevin Mah is a performing artist, producer, and teacher with over 10 years of experience from working at traditional recording engineering schools to crafting new music curriculums at Vancouver’s premiere dj and electronic music schools. His experience encompasses many areas of music production, song writing, mixing and recording, engineering and related areas. Furthermore, Kevin has provided support and studio services to much of Vancouver’s up and coming talent, including artists such as dj hubbz, dj marvel, Kytami, dj  u-tern. His act, Love and Electrik collaborated with Vancouver’s Chin Injeti and received support from Redbull Music, Fenchurch Clothing and has toured Canada, performing alongside Little Dragon, Chromeo, La Roux, The Very Best, Keys n Krates, and others.

The Venue

Our current location is #206-1715 Cook Street, Vancouver BC.