What is DJ Live?

DJ and Ableton:  DJ Live is an Intermediate Level workshop, one evening per week for four weeks,  that will give participants a better understanding of how to utilize Ableton Live and build more interesting sets.  Participants will also learn:

  • techniques to create intro edits, where no instrumental exists, to improve song matching
  • mash-ups
  • warping  
  • DIY vocal adjustments
  • ghost tracks
  • acapella tempos and
  • shortcuts

Four (4) Free DayPasses to use our Studio Pods are included as part of this workshop so you can refine and develop what you learn if you do not have access to adequate gear at home.  More info here: www.wiredmusic.ca/use-our-gear

The workshop is limited to 6 participants and each participant has exclusive use of their own “pod”.  No equipment is required of the participants.

Who should attend?

  1. If you are a practicing DJ with some passing or even limited experience with Ableton Live, this workshop is for you.  You will get to experience the depth and power of ABLETON Live in the context of being a DJ as opposed to using Ableton for production or recording purposes.
  2. If you have a solid working knowledge of DJ Controllers but want to push your knowledge into the Ableton Live world, this workshop could be for you.
  3. We do not recommend this workshop for anyone less than 16 years old, a casual user or a date.

A Few Details

  1.  Editing  Basics:
    1. – Loading songs, warping, master tempo, session view, grids
    2. – Shortcuts for cutting, pasting, duplicating, etc (provide short list handout)
    3. – What is MIDI and how can we use it
  1.  Edits Advanced
    1. – Creating intro edits when there is no instrumental, matching the same song
    2. – Using Sampler/Simpler
    3. – Warping with live drummers, settings, exporting methods
  1.  Mash-Ups
    1. – Mash-ups, using MIK/Serato DJ, acappella tempos, warp techniques
    2. – EQ’ing, DIY vocal adjustments
    3. – Using side chain on vocals, creating ghost tracks
    4. – Export methods, compression, limiting
  1.  Effects and Techniques
    1. – Direct effects, send/return effects, grouping
    2. – Effect layering and sequencing techniques
    3. – Manipulating effects, gating, parameters
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